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The Correlation Between Life, Dreams, and Incarnations.

I realized today, (6-12-11,) that every time I dream I always feel that I'm the same person no matter what the circumstances. Whether I'm fighting off ninjas, running from Godzilla, or flying like Superman I still feel like me and react as I would. If ever dreams are memories of past lives or alternate realities then that means that I'm the same person in every situation.

I had always assumed that in other lives and realities I would be a completely different person with different traits and personalities so I could experience all perspectives. That I would be all combinations of the astrological signs as I came to learn different lessons and accomplish different goals. That I've been a Taurus, Pisces, Pisces or a Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius, but what if I've always been the same Leo Libra Libra down to the minutia of astrological detail?

I always assumed that I had enough lifetimes to experience all perspectives in all situations and everyone else did too and that's how we eventually grow and become enlightened enough to rejoin with our Source. This way however, is redundant in that we would return to Source with invariably the same information. So, what if we are always the same basic person experiencing the different situations with the same way of thinking and reacting? Eventually our perspective would change as we experienced life and learned from our mistakes and successes but the shift would likely be very gradual.

This would also help to explain why some people seem so familiar even upon meeting them for the very first time. How many times have we met someone and been instantly either attracted or repelled even though we knew nothing about them? I'm not talking about reacting on mere physical appearance but a deeper feeling. It's possible they're still much the same person they were in a previous lifetime when you last met them and you remember the past relationship so react accordingly.

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