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Getting Started with Meditation
The Importance of Forgiveness
Seeing Past Someone's Fears
The Correlation Between Life, Dreams, and Incarnations.
The Value of Psychics




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Getting Started with Meditation

Many people find it difficult to get started in a meditation practice and don't really have any idea where to begin. I find it very helpful to listen to my breathing and imagine waves from a beautiful, peaceful ocean or lake washing against the shore. Here is a sample guided meditation I wrote called The Healing Spring that can help get you started on your way to daily meditation to enhance your life.

The Importance of Forgiveness

It is said that forgiveness does not condone an offense that was committed. It is more about taking back your power that was given away as the offense is dwelt upon and the desire for justice goes unrewarded. I now understand that there is a much broader and more grand reason to forgive.

Some say that the human brain is the most powerful transmitter/receiver of energy waves that there is. That thoughts are things. Our thoughts today create our reality tomorrow. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh, so is he," and also, "what you sow, so shall you reap." Emotions tend to amplify the signal that we broadcast and so whether we're focused on injustice, fear, anger, pain, or love, joy, happiness, and contentment, we are setting our broadcast signal to those frequencies.

Have you ever noticed that when something unpleasant happens in your day that suddenly one bad thing after another begins occurring? A bad day just keeps getting worse the more attention you give to the problems. You have tuned your frequency to the broadcast of chaos and dysfunction and so that's you receive in return. As we focus our thoughts and give attention to something it is the same as sending a request to the universe for more.

When we dwell on injustices of the past we set our frequency to injustice and inadvertently draw more injustice to us in the future. By forgiving and letting go of past wrongs and ills we're then free to focus on the things that we want to draw to us in the future. Forgiveness helps us to change the frequency we broadcast and the less we focus on what we don't want the easier it is to attract what we do want.

The best way to tell what we're broadcasting is to be aware of how we feel. As you feel good you are lining up with what you want and as you feel bad you are attracting more of what you don't want. Use forgiveness to let go of the unwanted and make the choice to feel good. The better you are at this the better your life will be.

Seeing Past Someone's Fears

When you feel that someone has wronged you in some way sometimes it may be difficult to think of that person without remembering the offense. Anger from past events may resurface and you find yourself succumbing to negative thoughts. One way it may be possible to help yourself detach from these thoughts and begin the process of forgiveness is to think about seeing this person in a new light.

Imagine, what type of person would they be if they were without fear? How would they treat the people around them if they weren't worried about having enough money, enough love, enough safety? If you can see them without their fear, without their guilt or regret, you can begin to see the light that shines in them. You can see the beauty of the true person inside. Just like the thought behind the word "namaste," the light in me sees the light in you.

Once you see that the perceived offense came from a place of fear it becomes easier to let it go. The ego of one can often clash with the ego of another, but when two hearts speak there is only love, peace, and harmony.

The Correlation Between Life, Dreams, and Incarnations.

I realized today, (6-12-11,) that every time I dream I always feel that I'm the same person no matter what the circumstances. Whether I'm fighting off ninjas, running from Godzilla, or flying like Superman I still feel like me and react as I would. If ever dreams are memories of past lives or alternate realities then that means that I'm the same person in every situation.

I had always assumed that in other lives and realities I would be a completely different person with different traits and personalities so I could experience all perspectives. That I would be all combinations of the astrological signs as I came to learn different lessons and accomplish different goals. That I've been a Taurus, Pisces, Pisces or a Gemini, Capricorn, Sagittarius, but what if I've always been the same Leo Libra Libra down to the minutia of astrological detail?

I always assumed that I had enough lifetimes to experience all perspectives in all situations and everyone else did too and that's how we eventually grow and become enlightened enough to rejoin with our Source. This way however, is redundant in that we would return to Source with invariably the same information. So, what if we are always the same basic person experiencing the different situations with the same way of thinking and reacting? Eventually our perspective would change as we experienced life and learned from our mistakes and successes but the shift would likely be very gradual.

This would also help to explain why some people seem so familiar even upon meeting them for the very first time. How many times have we met someone and been instantly either attracted or repelled even though we knew nothing about them? I'm not talking about reacting on mere physical appearance but a deeper feeling. It's possible they're still much the same person they were in a previous lifetime when you last met them and you remember the past relationship so react accordingly.

The Value of Psychics

People tend to have so many unfulfilled desires because although they may know what they want they constantly live in their reality of "don't have." Until they can align themselves fully with the vibration of "have" they will also never get what it is that they want. A big part of the difficulty is that society and the world keep telling them that it's hard, there's not enough, and they don't deserve what they want. For many the reality of "don't have" is too big a stumbling block to get past and they can't visualize or align themselves with having what they want.

When people go to a psychic and the psychic says, "I see you having what you want in 6 months," then people can finally align themselves with the idea and vibration of having because the psychic has already seen it as so. This gives them a new vision of what is. A psychic can help to reinforce or redirect a persons focus allowing them to resonate with the vibration of their fulfilled desire. Once they have been brought into alignment with having their wants fulfilled it's much easier for them to actually manifest their desire into reality.

Your Body Knows the Truth

Kinesiology, or muscle testing, dictates that as we hold a thought or emotion that is not true our body is weakened. People use muscle testing as a way to decide all sorts of questions in regard to what is true or good for us. However, the principles behind kinesiology are much more expansive than just the simple yes/no test in the moment. If we hold thoughts of unworthiness, self loathing, or even if we believe on a subconscious level that we are unsuccessful, clumsy, stupid, genetically determined to be unhealthy or overweight, these thoughts weaken us and more readily open us to stress, pain and disease. Anger and thoughts of regret or revenge are also contrary to the loving joyful beings we are meant to be which is another reason why forgiveness of ourselves and others is so important. The truth not only sets you free but it strengthens you as well. We are all worthy and deserving of love, health, wealth, happiness, peace, and contentment. This is our truth. This is our strength.

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