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The mind is the builder and the body is the result.
                                                                   — Edgar Cayce

Transpersonal hypnotherapy can help you focus your thoughts to create the reality you want. Using an integrated mind/body/spirit approach, transpersonal hypnotherapy works with all aspects of a person to help them be the person they always wanted to be and live the life they always wanted to live. Let go of the things that are holding you back from experiencing your full potential and living your dream.

Since 1958 the American Medical Association has endorsed the use of hypnosis as a valid therapeutic tool. Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness like meditation. Although many people believe they are not able to be hypnotized, we all go through altered states of consciousness every day. Trance state is often achieved while watching television, reading a book, driving,  and more. This hypnotic state also lies between waking consciousness and sleep. By using relaxation, focused concentration, and expectation, suggestions can be made directly to the sub-conscious mind that empower the client to make positive behavioral changes according to their motivations.
Motivation of the client is key in hypnosis and so the client never loses control or does anything they don’t wish to do. Hypnosis uses suggestions not commands because the client is always free to accept or reject them as they see fit.

Scripted sessions:
Changing your mind is your prerogative, so change it to what you want it to be and make it work for you. Common uses for scripted sessions include but are not limited to  smoking cessation, weight management, enhancing memory and comprehension, stress relief, increasing confidence, improving self image, sports visualization, letting go of fears, phobias, and addictions.

Unscripted sessions:
Unscripted sessions are a powerful way to help find answers in your life. Are there patterns or cycles in your life that keep repeating for no apparent reason? Are there other things going on in your life that seem to have no explanation? Is there information that you'd like to retrieve from your past? Your subconscious mind knows you better than anyone and remembers everything that you've ever experienced. Unscripted hypnotherapy sessions can help you to go to the source of an issue and find the answers you seek, and then help you to find resolution. If desired, the session can be guided with the assistance of your higher self and/or guardian angels which can lead to powerful spiritual healing. Childhood and past-life regressions are also available and can often achieve amazing results.

Hypnosis sessions last up to two hours and are $90 per session.
Package deals are available for multiple sessions or groups.

Please note that hypnotherapy does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a medical specialist.
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