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Charlotte Clark

Charlotte was gifted with the ability to work with energy and communicate with spirits from as far back as memory serves. After struggling to understand her gifts in an unaccepting world she came to realize the potential for healing and comforting others, finally admitting to herself and loved ones that she is in fact, a medium.
Charlotte was guided by spirit to study energy and spiritual development. Through these studies, she found self-healing and stood in her truth of self-love and self-trust. She is now delivering healing messages from spirit to their loved ones who are searching for hope, peace and the ability to move forward.
The gift of mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit by sensing, seeing, and hearing. I may feel the way your loved one passed, I may feel their personality, I might hear a phrase they used, or they may show me what they looked like when they were in their physical body. I receive subtle impressions, then interpret these impressions to you. I feel there is a responsibility that accompanies this gift and I prefer to use it as a healing tool to bring peace, hope and love.”

Mediumship Readings / Reiki / Life Coaching / Guided Meditation

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